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As for the syntax I am not quite sure what you are referring to, but there are at least a lot of things I miss in the C# syntax:
C# has pointers.
[*]Being able to treat a pointer as an int (0 or >0) to test whether it's valid or not.
if (pointer)
vs if (pointer != null)[/code]? That's a tiny difference at best (and in fact our company's C++ coding guidelines request that we avoid the first for clarity).

[*]Separate header and source files
This is by far the worst problem in C and C++, i.e. the lack of a real module system. How could you possibly prefer writing the same code *twice* in order to achieve anything?

Besides, have you ever written cross-platform C/C++ headers? I have and the amount of platform-specific hacks necessary is ridiculous (this was a C++ OpenGL header with proper namespaces, enums etc).

I am just waiting for C++0x to make its debut, to improve the C++ syntax further.
Aren't we all? Btw it's called C++1x now.