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Thread: The New Driver Is Out! Meet Oktoberfest!

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    At last... I can now dust off that x1600XT and retire the reliable yet slow Geforce FX 5500. By the way Michael, I knew it .

    Originally Posted by Michael
    Nope, it's not two weeks. It's ______...
    Originally Posted by Malikith
    If theres any meaning behind that towards the ATI drivers, count the characters haha..

    _ _ _ _ _ _ . . . (9 characters)

    S E P T E M B E R (9 Characters)

    Hahahaha. Of course it probably doesn't mean anything . But I'm throwing out a good guess out there. Maybe that'll spark you guys up a bit. Definitely is fun. Plus my birthday is in this month so maybe that'll contribute, ATI/AMD can give me a birthday gift.
    Yep, I knew it hehe, except I didn't know it was tonight the results would come. This is very exciting. I definately know what my next machine is going to have, thank you ATI/AMD.


    Oh by the way Michael, hows the anti aliasing performance now? Is it the way it should be now too?
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