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Thread: power management in new driver

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    Default power management in new driver

    Hi Michael,

    Since you invited us to ask questions about the new drivers I'll ask one that's of great interest to a rather specific community. If you recall (see post below) you helped me earlier by conveying to the AMD/ATI developers that the linux driver doesn't support power states on the mobility X1600 that comes with the MacBook Pro second revision even though it works on the first revision. These machines use EFI and they have some sort of BIOS emulation and the ATI developers said the issue was BIOS related and they would not fix it (or it couldn't be fixed). Jerome Glisse, on the other hand, who has this laptop said that it could be implemented in the card and doesn't need the BIOS and that he would eventually implement it for the open source drivers:

    So my question is, if you have a rev 2 MBP to check this on, does the new driver properly support power management on these machines?

    Thanks for your coverage of these, hopefully interesting, developments.

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    yeah, i have a question, too. what about suspening/hibernation? does this already work? and what about the normal power management in linux when the pc is idled? what about intelligent fan management? did you here them? thank you

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    No access to MBP rev 2, unfortunately.

    Suspend/hibernation should be improved (from my tests at least).

    PowerPlay seems to have seen some improvements, which may answer all of your questions.

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