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Thread: Link to Phoronix from forum

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    Default Link to Phoronix from forum

    Ive experienced it more than once. There is no easy way of going to the main Phoronix site from the forum. Either it has to be a link to an article or the link near the footer.

    A link to the main site somewhere on the top section would be helpful.

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    Good point.

    There is now a link to the Phoronix home page from the navigation bar along the top.

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    Hmm, and how about making the main site image on every (non forum) page a link to the home page?

    And if you want some more fun, make the sidebar headings links as well, ie, make "Recent Articles & Reviews" heading a link to the articles page at:, make "Latest Forum Topics" a link to the forum, etc.

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