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Thread: Fc6 and onboard graphics interface

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    Default Fc6 and onboard graphics interface

    hai all,

    am quite new to linux (fedora). currently using Fc4. Thinking of switching over to Fc6.

    Was browsing through these forums on Fc6 compatibilities and non-compatibilities towards Graphics related issues.

    Would like to know whether Fc6 will work on following onboard Graphics chipset.

    Motherboard Chipset : ATI RADEON* XPRESS 200
    ATI RADEON XPRESS Northbridge
    ATI IXP 450 Southbridge

    Integrated Graphics : ATI RADEON XPRESS 200 Graphics

    Support for external graphics via PCI Express* x16

    Processor : Dual core 2.66GHz

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    Simply put, that Chipset is notorious with Linux and the AMD drivers. However, if you have it working right now in FC4 there is a good chance it should work out with FC6 (when it comes to BIOS options, etc...). If you install a discrete graphics card you should also have no problems.

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