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Thread: Speeding Up The Linux Kernel With Your GPU

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    Quote Originally Posted by V!NCENT View Post
    Well it's simple:
    1. nVidia hands out no documentation, so you need the blob;
    2. Open source GPL parts refer to the blob;
    3. Linux depends upon proprietary.
    Yep exactly. Never allow monopolists to get between you and something you need. You'll see more, manipulation, terroism, extortion, temple dues, licensing fees than you can imagine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by misiu_mp View Post
    IThey don't really have an advantage in multiprocessing - this technology has spread over the whole computing industry, even arm is dual-core.
    What good is dual core when each core must wait for the other core to finnish RAM I/O? Kinda retarted isn't it?

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