Hello, world

I'm planning a new linux box and can't make up my mind about a video card / on-board chipset.

I worry more about usability then say game performance. That is I'd like the card to work "out of the box" with easy to get drivers, preferably open source.

I'm planning to use gimp, inkscape, blender and all sorts of odd multimedia software I'd mostly try out once and forget about. I'd like to use this machine for some home video editing too, not sure how relevant is that for the graphics card choice. I'm not playing games. I do watch movies on computer would like the new machine to stay usable for that in the upcoming years. Again, I'm not sure how that affects the video card choice.

Do I even need a dedicated graphics card for this, or would i5 2500K + some H67 motherboard fare just fine? If not, my (arbitrary) bracket for the video card is $300.

I'd appreciate any words of wisdom.