Anybody tried Mupen64 on their Linux box? The slowest machine I have which will run it is my PIII with a Radeon 9500. However, it has many graphics issues since the emulator seems to use OpenGL functions either not implemented or not implemented properly in the proprietary driver. For instance there are gaps between textures in all but the simplest ROMs. A much slower Nvidia card (GeForce 44400) generally gives better quality graphics.

While my PIII isn't the fastest machine, the same machine under Windows using Project 64 1.6 can play just fine. Mupen64 has a Windows port, which isn't quite as good as Project 64, but does not have the same graphics issues as Linux making me think it isn't the emulator. Mupen64's speed only gets slightly better and the graphics stay the same on a Core Duo 2 2.0 Ghz with an X850 XT making me think the problem is not the hardware. Via process of elimination I'd say there is something wrong somewhere in the graphics driver.

Anyway... I'd like to see if anyone else has tried Mupen64. Since Linux lacks a large number of games, emulators are a great way to increase that number.

P.S. Just for reference, I do have a real N64 and cartridges of all the commercial ROMS I play. I just like being able to play my favorite games (Mario64, Zelda64) at 1920x1200, 4x FSAA with higher quality than original textures, wireless gamepads, and all the other extras using an emulator gives. Mupen64 can't quite do all of that yet, but Project 64 can.