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    Phoronix: Nouveau Companion 27

    It's been about a month since the last Nouveau Companion, the development newsletter talking about the work going into the open-source 3D NVIDIA display driver, but today the latest edition is now available. Covered in the 27th edition of the Nouveau Companion are details on the progress made in the past month such as with porting the driver to using libpciaccess, bug squashing, 2D acceleration working for NVIDIA's GeForce 8800GTX, X-Video fixes, and RandR 1.2 support was merged back into the Nouveau master branch. The Nouveau developers have received a few new graphics card donations but are still in need of development help and testing.

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    Great work! I know graphics driver development is really hard, but it seems the Nouveau people are making a lot of progress.

    Any idea if there is a similar progress report from the avivo, radeonhd, or any other ATI open source efforts for those of us lacking Nvidia cards? I certainly won't mind testing the open source driver and submitting feedback to people who actually are going to use it. Though I understand if none of those efforts are far along enough to need user feedback.
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    Default comes close. but they don't seem to cover radeonhd.

    you can also peek as they just recently started hosting logs from #radeonhd irc channel as well.

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