In my last post I withdrew any direct association with medical technology and generalized the hypothetical to any CRITICAL SYSTEM. This includes everything from software used in nuclear power plants and weapon systems to flight controlling software to car anti-lock brake and other similar software. Water heater software. Garbage disposal software. CRT software.

Any software anywhere in the world that controls devices capable of Grievous Bodily Harm and/or destruction of private property.

For God's sake, the only time I mention medical technology in that last post is to specifically point out that I originally used that example to show there are situations where lives are in the hands of software. That is, I tried to make it clear that any association with the medical field was purely coincidental.

It's great you still focus on the original example which I took pains to move away from. But I did move away from that specific in order to get to the meat of the hypothetical: Tivoization can be a detriment and that it is unacceptable for any system in which lives and property are at stake.

Whatever you were replying to doesn't wash with the reality of my previous post. For all your bold talk of 'the real world' you should try explicating now and then the actual words on the actual screen.

I still challenge you to actually critique the argument itself. I don't expect you to, as you haven't made any attempt to yet. You prefer to focus on a non-issue and leave the real claims unanswered. It's a common tactic which I believe is known as a Communist Clupeus harengus.

You're welcome.