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Great. People are having huge problems. No 2.6.23, no AIGLX.

I said it would suck, and it sucked. I might not even download it... ATI did it again. Michael did it again.
Could you just stop spreading so much never-to-be-fulfilled BS?

I didn't STFU because I had a very strong feeling I would be right. And obviously I was.
Now you hail me, bitch

One more month. One more bugfix? Cause from what I can see on the notes of .41, the "Known Issues"-list has basically not stopped growing.

Could you who haven't understood it yet, please get this straight: ATI SUCKS UNTIL PROVEN OTHERWISE.

And no proof yet. Next month? Don't count on it. But count on Michael, he da man!

By the way... Oktoberfest, Michael? "Down-right failure" seems more right... But but..

You da man Michael, you da man!
I understand your bitterness, but why, then, if you know/knew of the situation, did you buy an ATI product? Why do you have to bash them?

I got tired and frustrated with ATI products back in 2004, I simply changed my video card, and all is "well" now, but I certainly don't have to bash ATI about it.

It's been a known fact for at least 4 years now (yes, since 2003) that ATI+Linux don't mix well together, so I ask again, why linger so long with a product you know may and/or will cause you trouble to begin with?

About the driver, I hope people will start posting performance figures in a bit, not only glxgears or fgl_glxgears, please, but other 3D stuff.

BTW, nowhere did we see in neither Michael's articles, nor other notes, that the 8.41 driver magically "fixed" issues (such as XV and others), even if it is based off a totally new code base. Hopefully, being this a NEW code, things will evolve faster and things will actually get fixed... In the mean time, though, I'll keep my eyes open and watch these new drivers evolution.