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I think I might be- the driver's story is leaving me...underwhelmed...yeah, that'd be the best, most diplomatic word for it. I'll see in a bit when I download and start perusing it. If it is good and useful (and I'll know pretty quick if it is or not) I'll be much more tickled than I would otherwise be.
I hear what your saying and I understand why. But as you can see from the amount of posts about this news here and on other sites, it's obvious that people want to believe this means major changes for Linux gaming. I'm willing to buy in completely to the optimism though... it can't hurt.

What can hurt though is if AMD/ATI screws this up somehow, and I don't mean by releasing the needed specs along with an open-source driver that blows... I mean releasing an open-source driver that blows and not following that up with the specs for the Linux community to do something to fix it. The only thing I really hope comes out of all this is for open source developers to have the tools necessary to improve (or create if needed) a 3D driver. If that doesn't happen eventually then this really isn't something to get all that excited about. So far we don't have any reason to believe this won't happen.