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Thread: ATI/AMD is not the Linux graphics Messiah

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    Default ATI/AMD is not the Linux graphics Messiah

    Phoronix is a really great site and I visit/RSS daily. Unfortunately, I feel that the all the ATI/AMD cheerleading is getting to be too much. Great ATI has FINALLY gotten their heads out of the sand. Their leadership in handing over GPU specs is just the sort of movement the Linux community needed and wanted. That said, I don't want to know every bloody detail about how great ATI is 3 or 4 times a day. OpenSource issues aside, there is one reason I always have bought NVIDIA products, their drivers JUST WORK. No ridiculous hassles. Yes I know they're proprietary, and Richard Stallmanites will curse my grandchildren, but I don't care right now. I just want working drivers as well as superior GPU design & performance. ATI has not provided the kind of user EXPERIENCE that NVIDIA currently does, period. I often wonder why Phoronix has this ATI axe to grind? Speaking for myself, I've seen enough ATI/AMD news to last me for a few months, possibly years.

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