I have been a nvidia user/fanboy for a long time, never bought anything Ati. But none the less, AMD/Ati releasing specs for their GPU's is great news.
And thus deserves all the coverage it gets.

This ladies and gentlemen is our first man on the moon, our Normandy beach landing! (very, very much toungue in cheek ) All the whining and moaning has finally paid of. Do you think if it was Microsoft who was begging for open source drivers this would ever have happened? Hell no! They wouldnt even have bought up Ati because there is real competition on the GPU market, something that MS cant handle very well.

AMD has always been a strong supporter of linux, remember linux had working support for 64bit CPU's long before Windows ever did. AMD supplied the code themselves. AMD has drasticaly lowered the bar for releasing hardware specs to the community, which we all benefit from.

The new drivers will have a big imapact on the ppl who dont know linux so well that they can fix it if it doesnt work after installing. Atleast if they got Ati gpus. No more "Black screen after boot on Ati". AMD/Ati stuff will be the recommended hardware, the stuff that "just works" for real.

It will be very intressting to see what Nvidias next move will be. Because as of now theres a real choice on the linux part of the GPU market.