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Thread: Linaro Decides On Memory Management APIs

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    Default Linaro Decides On Memory Management APIs

    Phoronix: Linaro Decides On Memory Management APIs

    For the past three days at UDS Budapest there's been a mini summit to work on deciding about what to do for video memory management on SoC/embedded devices. The open-source graphics drivers for desktops/notebooks are fine with GEM/TTM, but they don't work so well for System-on-Chip designs. The hope from this mini-summit was to lay the groundwork to solve this issue and they hope they have come up with an attack plan...

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    This is a wonderful development in memory management.

    Hopefully things like dedicated audio memory (such as on some audio cards) will be taken into account.

    Another thing would be buffer memory. Advanced memory management would be able to let realtime stuff be buffered less to make the system more responsive while non realtime-stuff buffer more to be more efficient.

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