This has nothing to do with the kind of kernel (monolithic or microkernel or hybrid)

In order to do the stuff you mentioned, someone had to make the kernel fit for drivers for such things first (someone had to bother).
(e.g. graphic card, sound card, wifi card)
Or provide extra software outside the kernel and LSB that causes fragmentation.

A good kernel design and api that allows modularity and all kinds of stuff is key to a good operating system.

As an electronics student, I have seen way to many people who just don't get that you need api's here too. For developing drivers you need a kernel api.

OpenGL needs graphics cards, that need stable, advanced and mature kernel api's to make their drivers work reliably and efficient.

An operating system allows the programmer to use the same api for millions of system configurations and electronic parts. The same thing is true from the perspective of that hardware. To make it's api's available for millions of programs.