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It's a bit similar to the KMS situation. And I think we're going to see more of this in the future. The *BSD people simply do not have the resources to keep up. When the time comes that they stand in the way of progress and become a burden, it's time to say goodbye

Well, the code is still open source so they can still port systemd or patch out the dependencies or whatever.
Red Hat is actively sabotaging the BSD since quite some time.
RH is the driving force in technologies like Wayland and RH is also responsible for relicensing Wayland away from a BSD-friendly MIT license to LGPL.

RH could've opted to release such code under MIT license: It's GPL compatible and the BSD teams could copy chunks of the code to make the new features available under the BSDs more easily.

Thanks to this story I was also made aware that hurting BSDs also means hurting Debian – probably RH’s biggest Linux contender.