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Thread: Nvidia 100.14.19 + 8800gts 640mb

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    Default Nvidia 100.14.19 + 8800gts 640mb

    Phoronix: NVIDIA 100.14.19 + 8800GTS 640MB

    This past Tuesday NVIDIA finally delivered an updated Linux and Solaris display driver (100.14.19) after they failed to deliver a newer driver since June of this year -- not even a new beta driver! This new software release does, however, contain a number of fixes especially for the GeForce 8 series. After we're all recovered from Intel's Fall 2007 IDF we will follow up with additional NVIDIA benchmarks, but in between IDF parties we benchmarked a GeForce 8800GTS 640MB with the previous 100.14.11 display driver and then the new 100.14.19 driver release. The performance regression fix is very apparent!

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    Nice review, in my own tests with a NV 6800 GT I only found -5% speed compared to Win as long as the card worked. Would to have this one *g* When you would test this and the 320 MB version of it (because it is same price level) against ATI 2900 XT you would need to change your recommendation...

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