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Thread: Open-Source AMD Fusion Driver Stabilizes

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    Quote Originally Posted by madbiologist View Post
    Anyone with the dual-core E-350 should benefit from the new Flash Player 11.2 Beta, which introduces support for multi-threaded video decoding. This will not improve video decoding performance on the E-250 as it is a single-core chip. Anyone who has been following the articles on Phoronix will probably know about this already, but I thought I'd mention it just in case. Flash Player 11.2 Beta can be downloaded from Adobe Labs at
    My feeling is that flash performs scaling on the CPU rather than the GPU, on both fglrx and radeon. This positively kills performance, even though the CPU itself can decode 720p just fine (as evidenced by VLC and Totem). Threaded decoding will also help a lot, but not if the scaling is left on the CPU.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnonymousCoward View Post
    Not yet. I've one of these on my wish-list and I would have bought one already weren't it for the entire Linux driver mess. No suspend/resume with catalyst and no video acceleration with radeon

    Well it's good to see that at least you get decent battery life. I'll probably wait for Intel Cedar Trail netbooks to hit the stores though (not much confidence in ATI, sorry to say).
    I've got the Lenovo Ideapad S205 (basicly same hardware als the X120e) and suspend/resume works with Catalyst.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Led54Vale View Post
    shader acceleration on the radeon
    Not really needed here.

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