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Thread: Intel Pushes Ivy Bridge Code Into Mesa Master

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    Default Intel Pushes Ivy Bridge Code Into Mesa Master

    Phoronix: Intel Pushes Ivy Bridge Code Into Mesa Master

    After releasing open-source Ivy Bridge code last month for the Linux kernel to go in Intel's DRM (Direct Rendering Manager) driver for graphics acceleration and kernel mode-setting, Intel then landed Ivy Bridge support in their X.Org driver although that isn't too interesting with most of the exciting code these days happening in the Linux kernel or Mesa library. Yesterday, however, the final big piece of the Linux support for Ivy Bridge was pushed out there: the Mesa 3D support...

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    The initial Ivy Bridge support has been referred to by one Intel developer as being "kick ass", so it should be good times once the hardware is shipping.
    There is enough time to implement lots of new shiny regressions until it will ship...

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