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Thread: NVIDIA Gets Happy, Puts Out Two New Blobs

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    Quote Originally Posted by matthewbpt View Post
    You're joking right ... ? The NVIDIA blob does not supports KMS and it never has, in fact only OSS drivers support KMS at the moment.
    The NVidia blob does mode setting in the kernel and has done so for many years. This allows X to run without system privileges. What it does not offer is a framebuffer driver that takes advantage of it, but that isn't directly related to KMS (in my opinion).
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    nouveau uses kms but nvidia binary never did. you can use a vesa framebuffer if you like for your consoles. kms looks fine, but as you usually mainly use x i see no huge impact if the driver has kms or not. Of couse it is true that you could run X without suid with kms if thats a major thing you need - testing nouveau is really interesting but may not be suiteable for every need.

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    The nvidia driver uses "KMS".

    There's a bit more discussion of the issue in the thread before that post. About everything after, however, degenerated into a distro fight (for whatever reason).

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    If there were no system hangs and OpenGL memory leaks, then why did nVidia fix it with a release? Are you saying it did not crash because you didn't use certain features? (for a long time)

    Or are you saying you have no knowledge about the issue? Or are you saying nVidia is lying?

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    These drivers don't fix the resize bugs in konsole and a few apps I noticed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by crazycheese;209632[URL=""
    Here[/URL], section OpenGL problems.
    Last time I checked, there was some evidence that the slow OpenGL texture transfer were a deliberate limitation designed to help sell the more expensive Quadro cards... ah yeah, here it is, and here too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EarthMind View Post
    I don't understand why they work on Linux support for their 3D feature, while there is something important like Optimus being neglected. Is 3D being used in the Linux business world then?
    The 3D support is there because a lot of high end Hollywood is Linux + nVidia. These studios buy a lot of premium priced hardware and do have something of a halo effect for nVidia. Normal consumers on Linux are not the target market. The Nvidia drivers are 90% the same code as the Windows drivers. Features that aren't so easy to port from the windows drivers and don't benefit Hollywood aren't a high priority.

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