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Thread: Why IBM Worked On The XGI Linux Driver

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    Default Why IBM Worked On The XGI Linux Driver

    Phoronix: Why IBM Worked On The XGI Linux Driver

    This week at a Power Architecture conference, IBM showed off a new Power-based system codenamed "Bimini." Bimini is a 4-way PowerPC 970MP that ships with an XGI XP10 PCI Express x16 graphics card. Ian Romanick has been working on the XGI X.Org driver (1.5.0 XGI driver) for the past couple of months all for this new IBM creation.

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    Default honestly why does the XGI driver even matter now

    they don't even sell the cards anymore, I WISH they did... but scince ati baought out their parent company....

    man i want a new Volari V8 256 AGP card, but they came and went before i even know it.

    i HATE the graphix industry now

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