Hi, a few days ago I decided to try out Slackware once again, so I installed it, updated it to -current, and then upgraded to the latest kernel. I decided to use the newest version of alsa, so i didn't compile support for it in my kernel, but that is resulting in some audio anomolies.

If I launch quake3, I get no sound at all. If i launch quake4, the sound is very low quality, like on an older cell phone, or equivalent to motherboard beeps (I suppose this would also happen for doom3). But, I'm fully able to play my .mp3's in amarok and noatune and a whole slew of winamp wanna-be apps. But I know that my audio is working, to some extent.

Optimally I'd like to get my 5.1 surround sound working, without mirroring the front two channels in quake 4, if its possible. But I'd settle with the audio just working correctly.

I'd also like to get the audio working properly in quake3, I was able to get it working in ioquake3 (from icculus) since it uses openal, but if I were to use that, then I would be unable to play it online, especially in the punkbuster servers.


update: I was just able to get quake4 to sound correctly by running it with the following command: "aoss quake4 set s_driver oss" wierdly enough, I need both the "aoss" and the "set s_driver oss" for my audio to not sound like utter crap. This seems like a good temporary solution, but if I can, i'd like to fix it and use alsa because of the small chance of my 5.1 surround sound working.

Thanks again!