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Thread: 0 A.D. Receives New Shader-Based Renderer Mode

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    Default 0 A.D. Receives New Shader-Based Renderer Mode

    Phoronix: 0 A.D. Receives New Shader-Based Renderer Mode

    For those not doing any work this weekend, Wildfire Games has released 0 A.D. Alpha 5 Edetania. This fifth alpha to the game that's long been in development and then only open-sourced in 2009 has quite a lot of improvements, including a new shader-based graphics renderer...

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    Default Great !

    A huge step forward for this great open-source RTS !
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    It's a wonderful game. It has AoE spirit and beautiful graphics.

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    You can actually have a full skirmish against the computer now, despite the missing features. It's pretty fun. Though the camera doesn't seem to rise and fall with the land - going from a high piece of land zoomed out to a low piece zooms the camera in, which then stays zoomed in when going back into the high land. Gets irritating.

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    Cool. Any benchmarks for us? (I'd publish my own but I need to buy a couple of hard drives first)

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