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    Great site! I look forward to learning much here.

    I feel very picky to even suggest these things, but in Review articles with many headings, such as the Compiz graphics card review, it is very handy to have a pull down menu to jump to a given piece of hardware or section in the review. If not too difficult to implement, this is very nice for readers. There is an example on this forum.

    Also I love "search within this thread" function for long threads... but most people would consider this a luxury.

    <edit> Thanks for the welcome, Thetargos, and for making me realize I wasn't logged in while browsing the forum!! No thread tools unless you log in. Duh. Well.. given Search this thread... forget about the pull down suggestion.
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    Welcome to the boards. I thought of the drop menu for long reviews as well, but I've not seen many of them, anyway. About the search option, it is there "Search this Thread" Just bellow the header part (where could be considered as the header for the thread)

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