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Thread: New Loki Games Repository Emerges

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael View Post
    When he is referring to Michael with gaming, he is referring to Mike Phillips who owns LGP/their lead dev.
    Actually, Michael, it'd be Michael Simms, who's the co-founder of LGP and is their CEO...

    You're probably right, we've got too many Mike/Michael named individuals going on here- so I guess
    I need to clarify things when I post...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Svartalf View Post
    Actually, Michael, it'd be Michael Simms...
    Oops! yeah. That's the last name. I hadn't talked with him since X2 beta time frame and I remembered his name was Michael and then accidentally stuck in the wrong info once I had read your above post.

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    We have too many Michaels around.

    I do find the thread title "New Loki Games Repository Emerges" a bit funny. New Loki Games Repository? New Loki Games Repository?

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