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Thread: AMD FirePro V5900

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    Default AMD FirePro V5900

    Phoronix: AMD FirePro V5900

    This morning AMD is rolling out two new FirePro workstation graphics cards, the FirePro V5900 and FirePro V7900. At Phoronix we received both of these graphics cards last week and have information on these new Cayman-derived graphics cards along with the very first Linux benchmarks of this new hardware compared to previous-generation FirePro offerings. In this review, we are first looking at the mid-range AMD FirePro V5900.

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    how about to compare 1 gpu from mainstream ? not "professional gpu" but home GPU ?

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    Man this card is so crippled

    Cayman cut to 512 SP (from 1536) and 128 bit (from 256) 4000Mhz (from 5500Mhz) GDDR-5? No thanks.

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    Default Eyefinity in Linux?

    So everybody probably already knows the Gotchas for running multi-GPU X. The Nvidia NVS450 "got me" really badly. Can this card run Eyefinity in Linux on 3 or 4 displays without

    1) requiring xinerama, thus breaking XRANDR
    2) Disabling GL accelerations
    3) Crashing X?

    Anybody tried it?

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