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Thread: KDE SC 4.7 Hits Beta With Some Fun Changes

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    Default KDE SC 4.7 Hits Beta With Some Fun Changes

    Phoronix: KDE SC 4.7 Hits Beta With Some Fun Changes

    The KDE community this morning has announced the first beta for the upcoming major release of KDE Software Compilation 4.7. Many of the KDE packages have received major work during the 4.7 cycle, but in particular there's some prominent changes to KWin, Dolphin, KDM, and Marble...

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    I think you mean KDM (the KDE Display Manager)

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    Default xfce

    KDE 4.6 was my last release - I'll give XFCE a try after beeing plagued by quite a few bugs and not-so-stellar performance for years.

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    In my point of view KDE has always been a bit of a heavyweight since I bought an AMD Athlon 2800 XP+. Older current versions around Pentium 4 days and earlier were great.

    I don't understand why KDE 4.6 is such a heavyweight. On my PC it's pretty snappy (however sometimes the Kicker menu freezes for a couple of seconds while the rest of Plasma remains fast and responsive.

    Anyway XFCE is great for single core CPUs. Don't understand why Gnome is so great. XFCE has all the features and Gnome integration pretty much.

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    Default And for me KDE 4.6 is the greatest

    Sure has bugs, but overall I really like it.

    Besides, I am a bit smarter that some other KDE users... I also use some gnome programs that are better that KDE ones (pidgin, gnote, evolution, and synaptics)

    So overall I never had better desktop tat I have currently
    (although to be honest, KDE3 which I used before switching to gnome was pretty good)

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    How about fixing the behaviour of the GUI?

    I am extremely distracted by the way the different parts of the dolphin window behave when resizing with senseless scrolling occuring or how the file view has a minimum size and will rather resize any other panel than itself beyond that - not restoring their original size after making the window bigger again.

    An example I have captured on video are the icons in the filechooser:

    But what I would really like is to make the applications run in a "non-KDE-mode" so that they shutdown any other daemon (kded, kdeinit, knotify, qclipboard, soprano, virtuoso, akonadi, etc. etc.) after they exit when they are running in another desktop environment.

    Coming to the actual news:
    Advanced OpenGL features in the window manager is a cool thing. No, I mean it really.
    But do they manage to get the ressource usage of kwin right? It isn't always as good as other windowmanagers I heard... And is it well supported by the current graphics drivers. Gnome3 is still very buggy with fglrx.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChrisXY View Post
    An example I have captured on video are the icons in the filechooser:
    This is the result of a broken widgets theme. Had a similar problem once when I chose to use the current GTK theme for KDE applications. Reverting back to Oxygen fixed the problem.

    It's not KDE's fault when 3rd party themes are broken. If the same behavior occurs with Oxygen, the KDE folks can fix Oxygen. If the behavior only occurs with non-Oxygen themes, report a bug with the theme's author.

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