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Thread: Northern Islands & Fermi Busted On Open-Source

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael View Post
    And the fact that my test systems are *constantly* changing. Even for these tests from yesterday, that system already has been reconfigured with different software and hardware changes, etc, which would mean there's a big burden on my part to then reconfigure the system to a past state just to work on some bug report testing without any substantive ROI on my end.
    hey michael some people honor your work... i always sneak around your website and i read a lot of stuff ;-)

    i do not use adblock and i also click on some web ads and in the past i send you money via paypal ;-)

    so do whatever you think is useful whatever you do its great and you will get support for your work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Qaridarium View Post
    i do not use adblock and i also click on some web ads and in the past i send you money via paypal ;-)
    Qaridarium, you should use adblock as much as you can, if you open several tabs in browser. The amount of reactivity is HUGE, it saves a LOT of resources and electricity. In my test 200 tab firefox has launched in 30 seconds on my machine, with adblock disabled, it HANG for over 3 minutes. Adblock allows very easy to add exception and disabling on the sites you want, just one click on the button.

    So there is not barrier for phoronix users to disable it or click on banners from time to time, Michael should just mention it for those, who have it enabled. Ideally he should put background behind Ads, with message to enable cause site is ad-supported. People that care understand it and will do it.

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    At least there is the AMD Catalyst proprietary driver support and it's in good shape.
    Have you tried Gnome 3 with a Mobility Radeon HD 4xxx card? The drivers may be in decent shape for games, but for compositing even the proprietary drivers are fairly broken, or at least they have enough bugs that were annoyances in Gnome 2 but game breakers in Gnome 3.

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