A friend of mine asked me to install Linux (Fedora specifically) on her new Vaio netbook computer, which sports the "new" E-350 Fusion chips from AMD. I had no issues setting up the computer other than installing the proprietary driver, out of the box everything seemed to be working splendid, wireless (which traditionally has been the Achilles' ankle for many Linux distributions on the mobile camp). After installing the AMD Catalyst driver, everything was perfect... Except for sound. Apparently the devices as such are very well supported through either the Catalyst driver and the ALSA drivers (even the HDMI output), however, as with my experiences with previous AMD-based products and sound, the volume seems to be too low, so much so that on the netbook's speakers is imperceptible and with earphones is hardly noticeable, even when both on alsamixer and Gnome sound manager the volume was maxed out... Is there a way to correct this? I'm pretty sure that the speakers ARE working (even the microphone detects input), however the volume is so low that it is impossible to hear. Might there be a way around this, to get the volume "audible"?

PS: All other AMD-based motherboards and notebooks I've worked with, the sole exception of my "main" Toshiba laptop (Turion X2 TL-58 based on the SB600), exhibit this very same problem with sound, being it too low.