I am entering the realm of Linux (and Unix) for the very first time.

I live on an HP nc8430 notebook with ATI x1600 mobile Radeon (RV 530) graphics card. As I am a non-gamer, 3D performance is not an issue, but the fan running continuously on my notebook due to GPU heat is a deal-breaker for using Linux.

I need to be able to underclock the Core and Memory clocks.

In Windows XP, my Core clock runs at 209 Mhz and the Memory clock at 135 Mhz in the PowerPlay/Optimal Battery Life mode.

I tried the ATI 9.3 proprietary drivers for Linux directly from AMD in Ubuntu 8.10. These strangely install V.8.5 drivers (as I recall). However, to my deepest disappointment, the PowerPlay feature, the one feature I desperately need is absent in Catalyst Control Center.

I've resorted to the default xf86-video-ati drivers as I've read PowerPlay is supported, but I am clueless on how to get this feature enabled to underclock my GPU.

Specifically, I would like to know what version of what drivers I should use to get PowerPlay enabled with my video card, and what I need to do to enable it. Specific commands in detail are helpful as I don't (yet) understand Linux, its internals, or file structures, as someone who has worked with it for years.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance!