Hi there!

I just bought an Energizer CHUSB USB battery charger ('cause some company is throwing them out for free* here in Germany, and I wanted such a thing cause my BlueTooth mouse manages to suck the batteries empty in about 3 days)

Anyhow, this thing can be monitored via USB by software. There used to be a Winblows SW (with pre-installed Trojan horse HEHE), that is now gone.

As I don't use Winblows, I want to write some monitoring application for Linux.

I started a google code project, and have written a small program to read out the
status of the device:


But now I need some help:

a) someone could read the logs and try to help me interpret the logs.
b) someone could do real charging with rechargeable AA batteries ... I only have AAAs.


* free = You still have to pay shipping (4.95)