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Thread: A software for Energizer CHUSB charger

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    Default Trojan Free Setup for download

    I have ripped the Trojan out of the original setup found via the Way-Back machine.

    Get the version with ripped off trojan at tiny(dot)cc//usbcharger

    I know there are false positives from some Antivirus-Software on this File.
    Only thing I can do is to assure I have ripped the trojan of.
    Don't blame me for the false positives.

    to keep it simple here is the INFO-File of the Link:
    Energizer Duo USB-Charger
    Trojan-free Driver and GUI
    The original Energiser-USB Driver contains a Trojan an therefore was removed from the Energizer Website.
    This is a rebuild Setup of the original Driver leavong the Trojan component out.
    THis Setup is NOT nessessary to use the Charger, it's only a GUI showing expected Time for charging.
    YOu may use this Software at own risk.
    About this Software:
    I unpacked the Setup.exe 
    - removed the offending trojan .dll file
    - edited two binaries to surpress the trojan windows\run Registry-entry on execution
    - altered the setup script to surpress the trojan windows\run Registry entry
    Finally compiled the Setup again.
    Informations about the Problem may be found here:
    Informations about the Trojan from CERT:
    Information from Symantec:
    A Project trying to rebuild the functions of the Driver may be found here:
    There too are informations how to get the original Software (It DOES contain the Trojan, you habe been warned)
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