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Thread: Phoronix Redesign is live!

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    sweet friends are like the wind
    you cant see what inside their heart
    but you can always feel their presence
    and sincerity.
    thanks for being a good wind
    IN MY LIFE......

    Good Day ^^

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    Quote Originally Posted by d2kx View Post
    Show us how it would look. But I guess that the current theme will fit better.
    give the user the option back to select how it looks!
    change forum color

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    Quote Originally Posted by David View Post
    The green colored boxes are the last remnant of the last scheme and they are being changed as well. So you actually support my opinion .

    We're still debating how to integrate the comments, but yes right now there is essentially no integration.
    Have you seen that facebook integration system that some sites use? Take a look at this system:

    That is an example of the facebook integration system that website uses. As an example, I'll leave a comment on that article, much like this forum lets me comment on articles, written by phoronix. I'm not sure how a duet system where forum and facebook can be integrated into the forum, as it would make things messy. (php cms code re-write?) It's something I'm interested in none the less...

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    Default Miss last active forum threads

    Since some days a box on the right side of is missing. It contained the most active forum threads. Threads with a new comment went to top, so it was easy to track all the discussions you want without being spammed by thread-subscription emails.
    I really miss this feature!

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