Yeah, I still don't understand. The guys with Flashblock or AdBlock or whatever get "guys, come on. Throw us a bone." I don't use that stuff, Flash just craps out because it doesn't work worth a crap and I get "hey, you're stealing!"

Unless I'm missing something, that's not stealing. Think of this: it's the holiday season, you go to Wal-Mart or $LARGE_STORE and see the Salvation Army at the entrance taking donations. You realize that you have zero cash, only credit/debit cards. You're not going to throw your credit card in the donation container, are you? Of course not. So you walk by without making a donation.

Did you steal from them? No. You didn't give them any money, but you sure as hell didn't take money from their donation container.

Look, guys, I'm not blocking your adds. I'm not blocking Flash. I'm not NOT clicking on your adds to be an asshole. Flash craps out, so nothing gets displayed, and I cannot interact with anything that SHOULD be displayed.

So, I don't know, maybe instead of accusing me of stealing you could go to your advertising partners and see if they could use .jpeg's, .gif's, .png's, or $IMAGE_FILE for the advertisements instead of God-awful Flash that doesn't fucking know how to play well with browsers that aren't Firefox?