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Thread: Advertisements On Phoronix

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    That ad domain should be removed now, thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by liamdawe View Post
    I must say the pop up ads are really really annoying Mike, especially when mobile browsing.
    I'm getting them today, it's not actually a pop-up but a hover over banner advert that sits at the bottom of the screen, and repositions to stay there, even when keyboard is activated posting in forum. It doesn't appear on the desktop site or with JavaScript disabled. The advert itself appears to be badly done as it makes scrolling on the site jerky and lag (I've seen similar ads done with css without jerk and lag so presumably this is down to the JavaScript forcing redraws or something). Oddly I am for the first time today also seeing the exact same advert on

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    Browsing the forum using the stock browser of Android 4.3, quite often a download of some program (apk) starts. This is annoying as hell. Sadly, it's quite hard to extract the guilty add via the means of my mobile.

    Browsing the same forum pages via the feedly-app, the adds trigger a popup dialog (typical android style) window asking for confirmation. Clicking anything leads to redirection to some site.

    Does anybody have the same experiences?

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    Default Peugeot advertisement

    Please consider removing the Peugeot advertisement, it's really annoying on Android.


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    Quote Originally Posted by oibaf View Post
    Please consider removing the Peugeot advertisement, it's really annoying on Android.

    what is it? Screenshot? What's the domain?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael View Post
    what is it? Screenshot? What's the domain?

    It makes the site and forum unusable, the banner is flashing and uses lot of CPU. I cannot know the domain currently.

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    Default howto?

    Hello everybody,

    I visit this time from time to time, mostly when new hardware comes out.
    I use Firefox 25 (Linux, no addons...) and my Question is - how can I set Phoronix to the whitelist?
    My google fuu is lacking, I could not find any howto.

    So can anybody help me out?
    ... and maybe it would be nice to have a link to a howto right in place where you ask people to disable the adblocker - for the not so tech savy people.


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    The advertisments make the site as well as the forum barely usable on mobile devices (high-end WP). Please provide sane advertising at least on the forums (or a taptalk support?) and I'll hapilly disable adblock for both phoronix and phoronix forums on my desktop.

    The HP advert is a pop-up, both on my desktop and on my mobile.

    PS. Haven't you consider different pricing for various world regions? $35 is not quite the same, to say the least, for people in the US and e.g people in Central Europe.

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    Default Automatic page refresh

    Hi Michael, first of I hate advertisements as much as any other dude. Having said this, I also appreciate this site as any other dude, so I disabled my addblocker ofcourse. But I'm noticing something, in contrast to other populair add-funded sites I visit, the page content en with this the adds are not auto refreshed.

    Wouldn't it be more user friendly to auto refresh the home-page so visitors automaticly see the latest news when hanging around on the site while this site also benefits from a slightly larger add revenue?

    Post scriptum, while I'm at it, it would also be nice to have some kind of linux software tracker... which gives updates of the latest linux based desktop software. Some windows oriented sites have this and uses visitors triggered news submits does an decent job tracking software updates and attracks a lot of visitors. Such an software tracker only needs to give an small (reusable) intro and an copy and past of the release notes.

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    Eact time I go phoronix with my droid, I get a full screen system looking page telling that my browser memory is full and I need to download an app to clean. No way to exit this intrusive aD except pressing back and go phoronix a second time.

    Thanks to that, I just found that adblockplus support the android browser

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