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Wow Apple must really got advanced allocation of those i5's. Shit they must of had them a good 2-3 years before everyone else.
I presume he meant that for the same price as a non-Mac laptop you'd only be able to buy a Mac with specs similar to a four year old non-Mac laptop.

Certainly when I bought my i5 laptop a year or two back I briefly looked at Macs and the closest equivalent cost about twice as much for a slightly faster CPU, smaller hard drive and less RAM. Probably better built, but since I mostly use it on the sofa that's not something that concerns me.

And that wasn't even a Dell or HP, it's a mid-range Toshiba. There was also a cheaper Toshiba with the same disk size and RAM as the Mac but with the same CPU as mine for 20% less. So more than double the cost to buy a Mac in that case.