I've used 32 bit Linux for some time now with very pleasing results. I've been using the latest released Kubuntus and with the imminent release of 7.10 I am considering making the move to 64 bit.

I have an AMD 64bit 4600+ processor, but i have stuck to the 32 bit OS because of many reported difficulties with the 64bit version. Namelly firefox plugins, wine, and others i don't recall.

What i would like if for users experienced with the 64 bit version to report on the stability and usability of workarounds needed to get functionality.

Dealbreakers would be KDE, openvpn, compiz-fusion, firefox plugins such as flash and mplayer, wine and vmware.

Any info on other programs or program types prone to difficulties would be appreciated.

Any info on if quake wars will run on it?

Thank you very much.