Back on topic, for anyone who cares, Ian's announcement means that I have to make a decision about what to do with my GLSL to TGSI translator branch.

Right now, the main branch for the translator (called glsl-130) is stable, but in terms of performance, features, and generated code quality, it doesn't have any significant advantages (or disadvantages) over the GLSL->Mesa->TGSI path. What I'm working on now is a WIP branch called glsl-130-wip-integers, which supports native integers but will only work on softpipe until I finish making it compatible with drivers without support for integer opcodes.

So the announcement that the 7.11 feature freeze will be June 24 means that the GLSL to TGSI translator (and the associated changes to Mesa and st/mesa) will probably have to wait for 7.12 in January before making it into a stable release. It doesn't bring much benefit without GLSL 1.30 enabled, and I don't feel like rushing to finish it.

Sorry for the long post, but I thought I should give a status update.