I have a Athlon II X2 + 785G based system plugged into my LCD TV over HDMI @ 1920x1080

I'm running Ubuntu 11.04 + the default r600g driver.

Almost everything in the open source driver is fantastic, firmly in the Just Works camp.
Only Banshee's video player plays video at a reasonable frame rate without audio sync drift issues and minecraft is unplayable (slideshow, control lag and crackly sound)

The only way I've found I can play minecraft well is by installing fglrx.

However, this causes desktop composition, all video and all, well, applications to run like a slideshow. Scrolling, windows dragging, video playing. Awful.

I think flash still works well, and that's about it.

Has anybody else got any information on solving these issues? It seems odd that it should improve performance so much in a game and trash everything else.