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Thread: Intel's New Acceleration Architecture Is Quick To Advance

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    Default Intel's New Acceleration Architecture Is Quick To Advance

    Phoronix: Intel's New Acceleration Architecture Is Quick To Advance

    It was only four days ago that Intel introduced the Sandy Bridge New Acceleration architecture, which brought tremendous speed improvements to their open-source Linux driver stack. Phoronix benchmarks are still forthcoming, but in many workloads the improvements are absolutely incredible, not only for the latest Sandy Bridge hardware but all generations of supported Intel integrated graphics...

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    I may not like the articles on Phoronix, but the PTS never disappoints when it is needed for benchmarking new and shiny things in the Linuxsphere.

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    Just give us decently working acceleration for hardware that has been out for years like the 4500mhd! Recently they claimed to have gained support for this GPU but it won't even compile from what I read here.

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    Default Benchmarks

    Please, don't forget to include not only comparision to old Intel driver but also
    - Intel on Windows (if possible)
    - nvidia, ati blobs, perhaps also their open drivers

    so that we see how these improvements relate to state-of-the-art graphic performance.

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    The needed patch is not even in mainline xorg git... Well i would prefer when Trine would not just crash instead of working on this which is not possible to try with older/current xorg.

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