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Why don't you feel the need to tell your readers what's this all about? Why do you take it for granted everyone knows what you're talking about?

I have no idea what Dirndl is or what it is all about. If you have explained it before, put a link to that earlier article. If you haven't, put a link to an external source that explains it.

This is web journalism 101 and you miss it all the time.
As said (and linked to: http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?pag...item&px=OTU0Ng) and further discussed in the forums, it's a temporary codename until the respective company makes their public announcement... If I say what it is much in advance, the company probably won't be too thrilled. At that point, there's a 4-page Phoronix article in the queue that explains what is 'dirndl.'