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only if you want to compile closed source software while being too cheap to buy a licence.
erm, no... From what i can tell, the real problem here is potentially not being able to redistribute (opensource) binaries compiled with EKOPath's compiler. making this compiler pretty much useless to most distributions (not source-based distro's or Arch though), and also useless 4 FLOSS developers. Which is very similar to Intel XE compiler restrictions... Intel's compiler is free for personal/non-commercial use, but needs to be licensed for commercial use (or even redistribution of compiled code any kind). it would seem EKOPath is almost the same thing, except (most) of the code is licensed under free licenses, it's opensource and the compiler itself is re-distributable. (unlike XE/icc).

on top of that if you do require a license for commercial use - to be able to redistribute code compiled with it - you're probably looking at paying the license fee listed on the PathSCale website for the suite a whopping $1750 US, that may be cheap for a decent size company, but not for an individual developer in free software, it's not by any stretch of the imagination...

so far, XE compiler seems to be way more compatible with GCC than EXOPath, as in i can't get all sorts of crap to compile with EKOPath than i can easily compile with XE and judging by benchmarks of binaries produced with both, it would seem that for most stuff ICC gets similar performance... a commercial license from Intel also costs much less than what 'potentially' a PathScale license would cost.

are you willing to pay almost $2000 Us for a compiler?!?!?

im not.

codestrom might be able to verify, whether this is true or not - but it sounds like i might not be too far off-target on what i think the potential problems with EKOPath might be.