HE-Herb wrote:

"The next major graphics release will be the OpenGL renderer that will be part of the cross-platform Linux and Mac player clients around October. It will run on Windows as well, and provide similar functionality to the existing renderer.

The key goals for the renderer 2.0 are to provide better scalability and compatibility across a wider range of platforms (graphics and OS), and preserve compatibility as much as possible so that current or future assets just work across across platforms.

It's fairly obvious that ambient occlusion and (some form of) HDR will be available.

We're still looking at whether deferred rendering is the right solution for a high-end renderer.

Any type of pre-computed lighting or shadows is still TBD, as we'd like to keep things as dynamic as possible. However, we have had some requests for pre-computed lighting and shadows


thats nice imo... hope to see some good MMO on linux allready.