Hi guys,

since the xf86-video-ati driver is causing random hardlocks I'm temporarily migrating to catalyst 11.6

but I encounter an issue:

if I leave the box for a longer time and the screen goes into standby / powersaving mode

it doesn't seem able to wake up again (the screen - neither mouse button-pressing, attempting to switch to VT, magic sysrq key, keyboard entering & pressing of buttons)

some facts:

- kernel 2.6.39 (zen)
- ~amd64
- aticonfig --initial --nobackup
- xscreensaver 5.14 (also happens on 5.12)
- card: 5850
- compiz-fusion 0.8.4/0.8.6
- gnome 2.32
- no vesa support compiled in (is supposed to help with suspend issues)

the previously working xorg.conf which didn't led to that behavior also showed that behavior so I started with the new initial config but that doesn't make a change

hope if anyone is/was encountering the same he/she knows how to "fix" it

thanks !