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When you give an absolute answer saying something "doesn't exist" the burden of proof does become yours as well. If you were to say something like "I doubt that it exists", "I haven't seen any iron clad proof it exists", etc then you have no burden of proof as you are just giving an opinion which does still allow for the possibility to be there even though you have not seen any satisfactory evidence to prove otherwise.
And when someone gives an absolute that it does exist? Phoronix has a burden that it's not living up to with this article. That graph makes UFO sightings look like sound science in comparison. Credibility is being lost here.

I think it's odd that you're going to such great lengths to ask fewt to justify his absolutes but turn a bind eye toward Phoronix, which is well known for sensationalist headlines and articles that frequently contain unjustified absolutes. IMO it's fair turnaround to use unjustified absolutes to refute unjustified absolutes. (Perhaps not productive, but fair none the less.)

I predict more silence from the Phoronix side which is usually what happens when someone makes a valid point.