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You did not answer any of my questions. From my experience Sabayon is bloatware with nothing Gentoo left.
Bloatware seems a little harsh. It's only a 2G DVD, not especially large, but maybe you're a opensource purist that doesn't like the included ATI, Nvidia blobs? Nothing wrong with that but the criticism could be better defined then. BTW what distro do you use? Is it a secret?

Sulfur and entropy use the pre-compiled packages, or you can run emerge like Gentoo and compile your own.

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Mon Jun 27 2011 23:43:30 GMT-0400 (EDT)
If you go portage you can edit/create any and all config files and it's actually recommended to do that if you go portage and than rebuild your system to a leaner system. You can still use entropy but it should be done in limited usage as the packages are pre-built to different configs and pending on your configs that can enable or disable wanted/unwanted features.

If you want to upgrade world:

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Mon Jun 27 2011 23:41:34 GMT-0400 (EDT)
emerge -1 =app-shells/bash-3.2_p17-r1
emerge portage

The forums are very helpful. Thanks to Wolfden for the previous quotes. My interest is in a stable up to date distro that I don't have to mess with to keep working. Opensuse-tumbleweed and sabayon seem to be capable of that. Opensuse actually has a more most recent kernel but requires opensource drivers, Sabayon uses the blobs but moves them out of the kernel so video doesn't break when the kernel updates, not sure what that does to performance, but that's not my main interest and I haven't noticed a difference, so far.