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We had this discussion many times before. You still dont get it, do you?

So what is FUD? It is basically, a negative lie. The official SAP benchmarks with Linux and Solaris, are no lies. Anyone can replicate the numbers. SUN did not say "we got 100.000.000 in SAP benchmarks" - Sun did not lie. SUN claimed they got a certain benchmark score, and SUN did get it. SUN did not lie. But you lied. You quoted wikipedia on "FUD" and you confessed that you FUD sometimes. Yes, you wrote that. Kraftman is a FUDer. I can link to your post where you confess that you FUD.

So, again: SUN did not lie. It was a controlled benchmark from SAP. And SAP controlled the Linux benchmarks too. Yes, I know you dont like that Linux lost the benchmark, but that is the way it is. Sorry. SAP did not FUD. It is you who dont understand what FUD is, even though you read and quoted wikipedia on FUD, you dont understand what you read.
Wrong. While benchmarks were showing some numbers your conclusions were stupid and irrelevant. I didn't say a sap benchmark is a lie or FUD. You're just manipulating. I've showed you link where Linux devs says Bonwick (from SUN) does FUD. That's enough.

I gave papers that was a few years old, yes. But you have never showed any papers. You have claimed lots of things, most of it were lies.
I showed you papers. Even in this thread. You claimed lots of things, most of it were lies.

For instance, you claimed that Solaris scales to 64 cpus. People posted links to Solaris servers with more cpus, I posted a link to a Solaris server with 144 cpus.
Are you able to point to that? Maybe I meant it scales to 64 CPUs, but then it sucks?

But still you lied about Solaris scales only 64 cpus, even though you saw evidence of Solaris servers with more cpus. That makes you a liar and FUDer. And you never gave any papers showing that Solaris only scales to 64 cpus. The reason you did not give such papers: they dont exist. Solaris scales much higher.
Nope, but saying Linux doesn't scale makes you a lier and FUDer. You've never gave any papers showing that Linux doesn't scale.

I have many times asked you to post any papers that support your claims, but you never did. Never ever. Not a single paper. I have posted several papers, that was 2-3 years old, yes. You never posted any papers.
The lies.

I have posted research paper on ZFS and Silent Data Corruption above here, which you know I have. I have showed you that paper several times before, but you denied it to exist. You did not reject the research, but you denied the paper existed. I posted the paper, and you said something like "Liar, show me the paper! Where is the paper??" And I posted the paper again, and you kept repeating like a robot "where is the paper?? Show it to me!!!"
Haha, but I wanted papers which backup your claims. You were FUDing and lying a lot thus I was asking for papers.

So, I dont think there is any use if I post the same paper again here. You will probably deny it's existence. You will pretend to not see the paper, no matter how many times I show it to you.
You're still lying, because I don't pretend I don't see the paper. While I was talking about sdc this sounds strange.

And at the end you will probably say something like: "haha, you did not show any research paper on ZFS and SDC, which means you lie! FUDer! Moahahahaha!!! Where is the paper??? I can not see any paper, you are a FUDer!!!". Just like you did the previous time we had this same discussion.
This time you made some little research.