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Thread: SplashTop On Notebooks, Desktops

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    Default SplashTop On Notebooks, Desktops

    Phoronix: SplashTop On Notebooks, Desktops

    Tomorrow DeviceVM's SplashTop product will be officially unveiled but since posting our original article on this technology and later an ASUS update, we have learned some new details about this instant-on Linux desktop environment. Specifically, yesterday a private briefing was held with David Speiser (DeviceVM's VP of Marketing), Thomas Deng (DeviceVM's CTO), and Andrew Kippen (Stage Two Consulting), where new details were shed on the technical workings of SplashTop and its future.

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    Default Seperation of Powers.

    The more I read about SplashTop being able to mount and read devices, the more I'm wanting to read definitively that access to SplashTop can be password protected in the BIOS or SplashTop itself. Statistically it's probably seldom used even for USB pen drives etc. but for security's sake I want it there.

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    I don't know, I'm kind of on the fence on this one...I see no real reason to develop something like this when you can boot in under 30 seconds into a full-blown GNU/Linux desktop with every program/option/tweak available to you.

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    Personally I think this is excellent idea, looking forward to reading the full motherboard review once released. Although its the future of this and its possible potentials that interest me.

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