Well i was at the meeting, for me as a front-end and middle-end guy i am wanting to see if C++ forces more standard interfaces between parts of the compiler i care about. As with C it makes it very easy to chop and change code, where as if you use the features C++ may make for some more rigid boundaries.

We came to a similar conclusion in that we need and have a set of C++ we would only use, in that C++ is great but its very easy to get carried away with abstraction and templates and your code very quickly just becomes very obnoxious and un-readable although it may have the nicest and cleanest interfaces in the world its horrible for such distributed sets of developers to feel comfortable with where C keeps everything nice and simple. http://gcc.gnu.org/wiki/CppConventions

Its an interesting discussion i guess but seeing as C vs C++ can very quickly turn into a flame war we think were moving in the right direction but it will just take time. Its kind of funny tho since we are already using C++ in alot of behind the scenes stuff but we never actually fully used it.